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Relentless Pursuit of Innovation
Meets The Power of Information.

Under Armour Connected Fitness is the world’s largest platform for the digital health,
fitness and nutrition community, using the power of technology and information
to connect every athlete to higher levels of achievement.

Our Under Armour Connected Fitness division is changing the game again, with:
  • 150 million registered users and growing      
  • 100,000 new users added every day       
  • Powerful customer engagement for brands at ideal moments   
Under Armour has invested heavily in this platform.    
With Under Armour as our foundation, success today is certain. The future? Simply amazing.



Our core platform is made up of four innovative technologies, connecting millions of users on their individual journeys. The platform delivers unprecedented breadth and depth of information about today’s connected-life consumer and provides insights into consumers’ journeys and ideal moments for brands to engage.



With over 35 million users, MapMyFitness is the largest digital fitness community in the world, and it's still growing. 

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Over 100 million dedicated users and 3 billion foods have made this the world's leading nutrition tracking app.

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Over 20 million of the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts have made Endomondo the #1 personal training app.

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UA Record

Access your 24/7 dashboard for activity, sleep, nutrition and workouts in one place.
(Media not currently offered on UA Record.)

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The Universal Hub

Connecting to our platform isn’t limited to users of our core technologies. Our all-inclusive, open platform is designed to allow any smart technology or wearable device worldwide to connect seamlessly.

We currently have over 500 devices and counting on our open platform.

For marketers, that means:

  • Unlimited reach, regardless of technology
  • Access to the world’s largest user base
  • Massive consumer audience, and growing every day

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A Powerful Marketing Opportunity For Your Brand

Reach Lots Of Consumers

  • Reach the massive, growing audience of health, fitness and nutrition consumers worldwide
  • Target ideal customers with your exclusive brand message

At Just The Right Moment

  • Engage consumers on their journeys at their most receptive, tuned-in moments
  • Establish lasting consumer connections to your brand

Our Difference



It all starts with our data.

Invaluable first-party data, collected through our platform of the most popular health, fitness and nutrition apps worldwide.

To our data, add our scale.

As the largest hub for the digital health and fitness community on the planet, the tremendous scale of our data enables broad reach plus precise targeting ability.

To our data and scale, now add our committed user base.

Highly dedicated users, intently focused on personal goals and improvement – not routine posting or sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn – provide the opportunity for compelling brand connections at the most important moments.

Together, our data, scale and committed users ensure your brand reaches the right consumer at the right moment.
It’s a combination like no other platform.

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Invaluable, First-Party Data

Health-Driven Consumers at All Levels-Beginners to Elite Athletes


Unmatched Scale with Precise Targeting Capabilities

Brand Connections at the Most Essential Moments

Access to the World's Largest User Base of 150 Million Strong

Connected, Always-On Consumers

Open Platform that Connects with 400+ Wearable Devices

Powerful Marketing Opportunities with Long-Term Benefits

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(This is not the right place for partnership or consumer requests. For partnership requests, please visit here and for consumer requests or questions about one of our apps, please visit here for MapMyFitness , visit here for MyFitnessPal, and visit here for Endomondo