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What Do Amazon, Google, and Under Armour Have in Common? You May Be Surprised.

I love innovations that change the way a consumer behaves. I look at Amazon and everything from the Amazon Fire, Alexa, to the new Dash. These three products are used in my household every day and I love them. Then there is Google, who I use for their internet service instead of AT&T and I frequently see one of their self-driving cars taking pictures of downtown Austin. And of course Under Armour, where I go to work every day, who is revolutionizing how people manage their personal fitness & nutrition. So how are these three companies able to push the world to new places, take on old billion dollar industries, and create a better world for consumers? You might be surprised to know that media revenue plays a huge role in that.

Mobile Strategy Must-Haves for Successful Marketing Campaigns

Today, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, estimated to grow to 2.1 billion units by the end of 2016. Marketers have become increasingly savvy on ways to effectively reach these connected consumers; however, “only 20 percent of companies have a defined mobile strategy,” according to Mobile Marketer. “With 62 percent of marketers worldwide expecting that more than 50 percent of their traffic will come from mobile in the next 12 months, it is clear that having a mobile strategy is imperative.” 

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Jennie-O Encourages Consumers to "Make The Switch"

With the world’s largest health and fitness community, we are the largest-ever longitudinal study of health behaviors in human history. Our consumer consumption trends and insights set us apart for CPG marketers, allowing them to align messaging smarter and more meaningfully. 

Our health tracking tools and trusted original content series help our people establish healthier habits every day. Brands can also empower healthy changes through our Newsletter Content and Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Challenges, which drive daily engagement through content, email and social platforms.

Jennie-O, in partnership with Barefoot Proximity, became synonymous with health and wellness when it launched a Virtual Challenge on MyFitnessPal encouraging users to choose its product as a healthy alternative to beef. A custom recipe content series reinforced Jennie-O's authority on healthy food choices resulting in a 13% lift in product logs among all MyFitnessPal users. Out of 160K unique Challenge participants, 75% remained thoroughly engaged with branded placements throughout the 30-day challenge. Jennie-O's two most popular recipes each saw nearly 1K Pinterest shares and 400 Facebook shares.

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Keys to a Smarter Content Marketing Strategy for Brands

Marketers have been using various forms of content to engage their audiences since the late 1800s, so it’s no phenomenon that the evolution of digital content formats offers direct paths to consumers. These formats have become increasingly impactful, creating faster connections between brands and their consumers. Digital content delivered in the right environment at the right time can increase awareness, drive conversion and build loyalty among key audiences.

The consumer acquisition funnel has also evolved with modern content platforms—data is a key component in enhancing online consumer experiences. This article on modern marketing as a data exchange points out, “…we typically find over 40 different points of inflection where consumers make decisions and access information from brands. Sometimes the information they're [consumers] looking for is as brief as a photo and sometimes they spend hours interacting with content.”

With consumers inundated across social media feeds with content and information craving their attention, opinion, loyalty and emotion, how can brands and publishers gain notice that really matters? Marketers can’t rely on scale alone to ensure their content efforts are impacting the right audience. Regardless of format, content must meet minimum needs to resonate with their audiences.

  1. Personal Relevancy
    Content should serve a purpose for the consumer. Remember that context matters and scale doesn’t always equate to customer acquisition. Users are more likely to remember your brand messaging when it reaches a personal level for them.  
  1. Authenticity
    Consumers pay attention to authenticity—don’t underestimate this. Authenticity asserts your brand’s identity and makes you relatable to consumers.
  1. Emotional Connection
    Digital advertising is often disruptive and quickly disregarded by consumers. Don’t forget storytelling is a core principle of advertising. Marketers would benefit to remember this more often, understanding that consumers rely on their emotions to make purchase decisions.

Engage more meaningfully with content your consumers want. The Under Armour Connected Fitness platform drives life-changing moments around the world, every day. We invite brands to evoke conversations with our users through our elite content products.

 Here is a glimpse at our content solutions:

  • Under Armour Connected Fitness Weekly Digest
    Enhance the user’s journey towards self-improvement by offering motivational tips or rewards in their weekly activity update.
  • Success Stories
    Our brand is deeply loved by users, because we’re with people on their journey toward a healthier, better life. Our Success Stories sponsorship puts you in the front seat with consumers reaching milestone after milestone.
  • MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal Virtual Challenges
    Build brand love and acquire qualified consumers by providing authentic inspiration and celebration. Encourage healthy eating and healthy moving while rewarding achievements.

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A Day in the Life of the Connected Fitness Consumer - Infographic

Our platform guides billions of daily health & fitness decisions, made possible by our massive, data-driven back-end infrastructure and global community. The size of our health & fitness audience makes Under Armour Connected Fitness the largest ever longitudinal study of health behaviors in human history. Our data helps us create meaningful moments for our users at scale.

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The Connected Mom - Infographic

Moms hold the keys to the kingdom when it comes to household purchases. They are the primary decision makers, influencing a $2.4T in spending every year.. This buying power alone qualifies moms as one of the most critical demographic segments for brands.

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The Connected Health Care Consumer - Infographic

Connected technology has changed the way consumers manage their health day to day. Our platform is home to over 192 million consumer globally and when it comes to their health care, they need a partner for today and tomorrow.

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The Connected Millennial - Infographic

Meet Our Largest Audience Segment: Millennials

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The Content Marketing Evolution - Infographic

Brands have been telling stories to allure and keep customers for hundreds of years.  There might be some dispute about the genesis of content marketing, but what’s really important is to understand the ideas and events that define our history as marketers: the major turning points marked by influential brands, campaigns, trends, inventions, innovators, and historical events. And by examining the history of content marketing, we can see that history sometimes repeats itself. We marketers can be better prepared for the future by taking lessons from the past and using them to improve our content strategies going forward.

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UACF Ad Specs

Below are ad specs for creatives that run on our Connected Fitness platform. For information considering lead times, cost, or anything else, please contact our team. 

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