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Jennie-O Encourages Consumers to "Make The Switch"


With the world’s largest health and fitness community, we are the largest-ever longitudinal study of health behaviors in human history. Our consumer consumption trends and insights set us apart for CPG marketers, allowing them to align messaging smarter and more meaningfully. 

Our health tracking tools and trusted original content series help our people establish healthier habits every day. Brands can also empower healthy changes through our Newsletter Content and Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Challenges, which drive daily engagement through content, email and social platforms.

Jennie-O, in partnership with Barefoot Proximity, became synonymous with health and wellness when it launched a Virtual Challenge on MyFitnessPal encouraging users to choose its product as a healthy alternative to beef. A custom recipe content series reinforced Jennie-O's authority on healthy food choices resulting in a 13% lift in product logs among all MyFitnessPal users. Out of 160K unique Challenge participants, 75% remained thoroughly engaged with branded placements throughout the 30-day challenge. Jennie-O's two most popular recipes each saw nearly 1K Pinterest shares and 400 Facebook shares.

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