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Keys to a Smarter Content Marketing Strategy for Brands

Marketers have been using various forms of content to engage their audiences since the late 1800s, so it’s no phenomenon that the evolution of digital content formats offers direct paths to consumers. These formats have become increasingly impactful, creating faster connections between brands and their consumers. Digital content delivered in the right environment at the right time can increase awareness, drive conversion and build loyalty among key audiences.

The consumer acquisition funnel has also evolved with modern content platforms—data is a key component in enhancing online consumer experiences. This article on modern marketing as a data exchange points out, “…we typically find over 40 different points of inflection where consumers make decisions and access information from brands. Sometimes the information they're [consumers] looking for is as brief as a photo and sometimes they spend hours interacting with content.”

With consumers inundated across social media feeds with content and information craving their attention, opinion, loyalty and emotion, how can brands and publishers gain notice that really matters? Marketers can’t rely on scale alone to ensure their content efforts are impacting the right audience. Regardless of format, content must meet minimum needs to resonate with their audiences.

  1. Personal Relevancy
    Content should serve a purpose for the consumer. Remember that context matters and scale doesn’t always equate to customer acquisition. Users are more likely to remember your brand messaging when it reaches a personal level for them.  
  1. Authenticity
    Consumers pay attention to authenticity—don’t underestimate this. Authenticity asserts your brand’s identity and makes you relatable to consumers.
  1. Emotional Connection
    Digital advertising is often disruptive and quickly disregarded by consumers. Don’t forget storytelling is a core principle of advertising. Marketers would benefit to remember this more often, understanding that consumers rely on their emotions to make purchase decisions.

Engage more meaningfully with content your consumers want. The Under Armour Connected Fitness platform drives life-changing moments around the world, every day. We invite brands to evoke conversations with our users through our elite content products.

 Here is a glimpse at our content solutions:

  • Under Armour Connected Fitness Weekly Digest
    Enhance the user’s journey towards self-improvement by offering motivational tips or rewards in their weekly activity update.
  • Success Stories
    Our brand is deeply loved by users, because we’re with people on their journey toward a healthier, better life. Our Success Stories sponsorship puts you in the front seat with consumers reaching milestone after milestone.
  • MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal Virtual Challenges
    Build brand love and acquire qualified consumers by providing authentic inspiration and celebration. Encourage healthy eating and healthy moving while rewarding achievements.

Let’s chat about the right UACF content solution for your brand.