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Under Armour Connected Fitness Surpasses 200MM Registered Users

It's 2017 and the Internet of Things has officially taken over. Everywhere you look, life is happening online. Global digital usage grew significantly in 2016 and continues to rise, with estimates approaching 5 billion consumers in 2017, equaling 67% saturation. This presents an incredible opportunity for advertisers, as technology will continue to influence how brands reach, communicate with and motivate their consumers. With the mobile environment constantly overwhelmed, marketers need smarter connected platforms to ensure their stories reach the right consumers. 

The Under Armour Connected Fitness platform is the world's largest digital health and fitness community with more than 200 million registered users. Our mission is to provide a holistic system to users to help them along their journeys to health and wellness. Users look to us for our real-life, unbiased, actionable advice. Our partners also play a critical role in those journeys; through our integrated marketing solutions, brands can engage in ways that inspire and support users' goals. Aligning the right user tools, authentic content and branded experiences drives user achievement and long-term habit formation.

Discover Under Armour's uniquely personal marketing solutions and let us help your brand tell a great story to the right audience.


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