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MyFitnessPal Reaches Nutrition-Minded Users with Recipe Videos

With the mission to make all athletes better, Under Armour Connected Fitness continues to optimize the format in which we deliver health and fitness education, inspiration and advice.

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Increase Product Consumption with Under Armour Connected Fitness

The surge of consumer products launching in the U.S. each year drives aggressive competition for market share between traditional and start-up CPG brands. A recent report from eMarketer Retail points out that "Consumers’ evolving preference for healthier, fresher, more natural foods and other products has rewritten the playbook in the retail and CPG world. Smaller, new niche brands have been nimble enough to target these emerging tastes, often forcing large CPG firms to play catch-up." Larger CPG companies are continuously being challenged by smaller competitors that seem better tapped into what their target consumers really want and value. According to Nielsen, some consumers are willing to pay a higher price for an environmentally friendly product, which can sometimes be more difficult for larger companies to produce.

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Grow Your Audience with Under Armour Connected Fitness

Connected devices have paved a new path for marketers to reach their audiences. A meal subscription brand came to us looking to authentically engage and share their brand story through these digital experiences. With our connected platform, they shared their core messages and encouraged new sign-ups when users’ endorphins were up and they were highly receptive to relevant messages. 

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