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Increase Purchase Intent with Under Armour Connected Fitness

In today's modern, connected world, a consumer's path to purchase can be less predictable than in the past, despite the amount of data coming in through Internet of Things. Consumers are able to make purchase decisions much faster and easier with online reviews and competitive research available at a single click. And although brand switching has always been influenced by a number of factors, the rise of digitally surged tactics like influencer marketing has impacted the purchase path like never before, at times making brands 6.7 times more efficient per engagement.

While for some products, consumer journeys may always include thorough research along traditional buying stages, the increasing number of daily digital touchpoints continues to challenge marketers to be more thoughtful and diverse in their advertising strategies. In order to increase purchase intent in the digital age, brands should focus on building emotional connections with audiences through personalization, effective targeting and relevant engagement. Emotionally connected consumers have proven to be more valuable to brands over time.

See the recap below on how one sports beverage brand exceeded engagement benchmarks through a meaningful and emotionally connected campaign on the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform. Then, let us help connect your brand with our community today.


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